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Images are for the personal use of MCHS Band, Color Guard, Orchestra, Jazz, Music Foundation Staff, Members and Parents. How can you get these pictures? You can download images free of charge  by clicking on the little downward looking icon under the large image (my gift to you). You can order prints via my lab at cost (i.e. no markup) or take your downloaded image to a third party lab such as Costco. Also you can upload to your image to your personal social media accounts to share with friends, etc. Cool stuff like that.

Newspapers and Magazines (print or digital): If you would like to use any of the images in these galleries please contact Brett Alan Photography so we get credited accordingly. Thanks for your understanding.

Photos are taken by Brett Alan Christlieb (Band Historian), Lisa Tyler Woods (Band Historian), Richard Francisco, Ricky Bulda, Donna Benedetti Coleman

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UPDATED ON 3/23/2017
Color Guard: Images from WCWG Chino Hills and Del Norte are now online!

UPDATED ON 3/1/2017
Color Guard: Images from WCWG at Paloma Valley and WGI at AB Miller are now online. Look in the Color Guard / Winter Guard section. 


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