Mt Carmel Graduation 2021

There are four galleries in this section:

1. Morning Graduation contains all final images from the Morning Graduation Ceremony. These are mostly individual portraits as family members took photos of their graduates on the stage

2. Evening Graduation (Everything) contains all final images from all photographers of the Evening Ceremony. These are uploaded in the order shot so it might be hard finding your specific graduate to download their Diploma Presentation on the stage and their Individual Portrait. To find them easier see step 3.

3. Home Side (A-L)  & Visitor Side (M-Z) Individual Photos: Depending on which side of the stadium your graduate sat on will determine which gallery you want to access. The photos in these galleries are sorted alphabetically

Lastly, if you see someone missing let me know their name so I can drill down to those files based on the seating chart to figure out where that image actually resides. You can reach out to me by clicking the 'Contact' link on the left side of the screen.

FINALLY! If you're a news or media organization that has stumbled across this section please know that these images are for the students, parents, and staff of Mt Carmel High School. Anything or anyone else needs my permission to use these images in an official capacity outside of those three groups. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. 

Morning Graduation Photographer
Brett Alan Christlieb - Brett Alan Photography

Evening Graduation Photographers (so appreciative that my peers/colleagues/friends photographed this event with me):
Brett Alan Christlieb - Brett Alan Photography
Heather Elise - Heather Elise Photography
Andy King - Andy King Photography
Jennifer Dykema - Jennifer Dykema Photography

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