Information on this page is geared towards corporate-style photoshoots designed for marketing collateral. If your scenario is not covered below please inquire.

On-Site Mobile Studio:
 - $125.00 Setup Fee includes the first two subjects to be photographed
 - $35.00 for each additional person 
 - The mobile studio comes in two configurations:
     - 12' x 24' seamless backdrop with support and studio lighting for full body. Note: venue/business must be able to accommodate this size of the setup
     - 5' x 7' backdrops are used strictly for headshots (upper body).

Studio Session located in Rancho Bernardo 
 - $125.00 Studio Fee for one hour includes first two people to be photographed
 - $35.00 for each additional person 
 - Full Body and/or headshot configurations are available
 - Outdoor scenes are available at our studio.
 - We can photograph the traditional studio style then step outside with a variety of scenes available
 - Studio sessions are by appointment only.

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