A premium family photography experience tailored to your vision. Full sessions range between one and two hours to ensure that we get the shots you're wanting. We can meet anywhere within San Diego, Riverside, or Orange counties for your photo session. Our family photo sessions include full group photos, then move to smaller groups, and finally individual headshots. 

All final images are edited and uploaded to a private online gallery where full-resolution images can be downloaded at no additional cost. Premium print products can be purchased from our high-end photo lab. Session fees are listed below

Three to Six People: $275.00

Seven to Thirteen:  $300.00

Fifteen or more beginning at $375. You will need more time and a location/venue that can accommodate larger groups.  

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Mini-Session: $175.00

Looking for something quick? A 25-minute session can be scheduled. Mini-Session locations need to be located in Rancho Penasquitos, Poway, or Rancho Bernardo. Occasionally I'll set aside a day or two as 'Mini-Session Days' and advertise those on Instagram and Facebook so be sure to follow me to know if and when I set these dates!  However, if you're not wanting to wait until when those dates get set please contact me to schedule a session.


Be you! Wear what makes you comfortable. However, with that said, try to focus on earth tones, neutral colors, and pastels.

If our session is at the beach assume that you might get wet so keep that in mind when choosing footwear.  I like to schedule beach sessions at low tide so we have as much beach as possible to take photos, but there's always that chance we'll get a splash here and there. 

Nature areas entail some walking to get to the best photo spots so if the final outfit uses nice shoes bring some walking shoes for the little hike to get there. 

Unsure of a location? Check out portfolio images from the most common location our clients choose:  https://www.brettalanphotography.com/Portfolio/Locations        

Question: How long are the photo sessions?
Answer: I plan for an hour, but have had them go as long as two hours. It depends on the location, the lighting, how many people are being photographed (the more people the longer the session), or if we need to walk from location to location (For example my Balboa Park sessions hit up multiple spots).

Question: We like the beach. When is the best time for beach photos?
Answer: The best time for beach photos is in the Fall and Winter. Yes, the sun sets earlier in San Diego during those times, but we also get some of the clearest skies. Many think that May and June are the best months for the beach, but May Gray and June Gloom are real and the beach can really be cold and dreary in the late afternoon during those months.

Questions: How long does it take to get the final images?
Answer: Best case scenario within a week, a worst-case about four weeks. It depends on the current backlog and how long our session went. I am very particular with my editing and do not like to rush it. 

Question: Are the download of digital image files included?
Answer: Yes. Downloads of the images are included, but prints cost as I have a photo lab that takes care of that. 


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