High School Senior Photography

Senior portrait sessions are $225.00 and include the following:

- Up to two hours of picture taking because sometimes an hour just isn't enough. Honestly ask any of my clients and I never look at the clock. My goal is to get great images.

- Multiple outfits (including letterman jacket, sports stuff, college schwag)

- Free full resolution downloads of all final images that are fully edited

- A-la-carte print pricing


Every year around May, June, and July new High School Senior parents begin to receive messages, emails, and snail-mail brochures regarding Senior Photography. Most, if not all, of these communications, come from a photography studio contracted by the school district. Many parents have the first thought: "But I have a favorite family photographer! Why can't I use them?".  Actually, you can! The district's contract photographer's main mission is to capture that one single Senior Portrait to be put into the school's Senior Portrait Section of the Yearbook. Everything else is an upsell. You are not required to shoot your entire Senior Session with the contract photographer. However, if you like what they have to offer then go for it! Time and again I get messages after the fact from parents wishing they'd known earlier that the contract photographer only needed to get that Senior Section Yearbook Portrait. 

So what to do? How do you navigate this? Easy, if you want your own family photographer to do your high school senior's photo session, first look at the contract photographers' offerings. You should see one that's 'Yearbook Only' and that's usually the least expensive option and in most cases is a ten-minute in-studio session. Also, at some point in time, there should be a free session offered at the high school so if you don't want to spend anything at all that's a viable option. Be sure to inquire about it.

Now that you know all of this the question could be "Now that I can use my own photographer for my senior's photo session (except for that one yearbook picture) where can I use them?" Easy: Graduation Announcements, Yearbook Shoutout Section (different than the Senior Portrait Section), and anything else you can think of.  

If there are any additional questions you have regarding this please feel free to contact me.

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